KUOM wins “Biggest Champion of the Local Scene” award at the 2013 CMJ College Radio Awards.

The CMJ College Radio Awards nominations are now open! Start thinking about who you believe is deserving of an award this year and go ahead and submit your picks. Nominations will be open until Friday September 12 at 4 p.m. EST, so don’t snooze and miss out on your chance to participate in college radio democracy. We’ll be announcing the winners as part of CMJ Music Marathon’s College Day on Thursday, October 23. Take a peek at the FAQ below for the nominating and voting rules.

Who can nominate?
Anyone who has a CMJ New Music Report subscription may submit nominations. Yes, we do check. So make sure that your email address is listed under your account so that your nomination can be included.

How do I nominate?
To submit nominations fill out the form below. If you are nominating a person, please make sure to include the station or company they represent. We cannot count your entry if we do not know who you are nominating.

How many times can I nominate?
Once. No exceptions.

How do the Station Awards and Industry Awards differ?
Station awards honor the hard work and achievements of radio stations and radio station personnel. Industry awards are for professionals in the college radio industry who are not associated with a station. Our awards recognize both of these groups, as they each play a crucial role in the college radio community. Please make sure your nominations follow these designations.

I rule. Can I nominate myself/my station/my company?
Yes, you can nominate yourself, but please make sure to do so only in applicable categories. This goes for nominating others as well.

So I got the nomination! Now how do I win?
All voting will happen on-site at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. In order to vote you must have a CMJ badge. Station representatives can vote for both station and industry awards, but industry people may only vote for station awards. You may only vote once. (Grab a discounted student badge).

When do nominations close?
Nominations close Friday September 12 at 4 p.m. EST. Why wait? Get your nominations in ASAP!