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  • The Internet wants you to know Congress might pass a law to censor the Internet. The act in question is called SOPA (the Stop Internet Piracy Act) and is an attempt to protect entertainment copyrights. However, some websites are worried the law would step on freedom of speech. Tumblr is spearheading a campaign to stop the legislation in its tracks.

  • Amy Winehouse apparently had an album’s worth of material ready to be released—and it will be! December 6 is the release date for a compilation of unreleased material recorded throughout the late songstress’ career. The album will be called Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

  • After a lot of news to the contrary, Criminal Records (the long-standing Atlanta record store) will not shut down. The Atlanta music community rallied to keep the store open. Hooray!

  • Music company Vivendi’s profits exceeded expectations this quarter. Not every music business is going downhill.

  • Google Music launched this week to mediocre reviews but with lots of freebies for users.

  • Streaming music provider Radical.FM has announced a new round of financing. Streaming music providers are the new black.

  • EMI was finally sold after a long bidding war. The British label sold for $4.1 billion to Universal and Sony. Universal will get EMI’s recording division and Sony the publishing section.

  • The SnowGlobe Music Festival announced its full lineup this week. The festival is in Lake Tahoe on New Year’s Eve and features Pretty Lights and Childish Gambino, so expect exclusively snowboarding bros and hippies.

  • Here is how Turntable.FM plans to stay in business. (Hint: Working with record labels.)

  • According to a recent study, radio reaches the U.S. Hispanic population more than anybody else. It’s nice to hear that people still listen to the radio.

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