Gold and Platinum records for the Great Gatsby

Lots of things happen in the music business and on the internet every week. This is an attempt to make sense of them. OK, here we go.

  • After Billboard adjusted its secret chart formula to include YouTube streams, marking the beginning of what historians will one day refer to as the “Age Of Macklemore,” it should come as no surprise that the mighty Recording Industry Association Of America has announced that it will begin to use data from on demand streaming services in the certification process for Gold and Platinum records. Billboard helpfully breaks down what what this all means, the most noteworthy revelation being that “This Is War” by 30 Seconds To Mars is now a Gold record. The new data includes streams from MOG, Muve Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Xbox Music, VEVO, Yahoo! Music, YouTube and more. So congrats Jared Leto! If only they gave you an Oscar for every time I’ve watched the trailer for Chapter 27. Only then will there be justice in the world.

  • As most knowledgable people know, YouTube is a treasure trove of Jared Leto movie trailers. But did you know it also features original content? And that YouTube wants people to pay for some of that content? That’s right, according to The Verge, the streaming video giant has launched a paid channel pilot program based around channels “that can only be accessed after paying an apparently variable subscription fee, which starts at $0.99 per month.” Start saving your pennies!

  • With most music heading online, one question continues to haunt the youth of America: What will happen to linear notes? As Newsday points out, the nice people over at Rhapsody have a solution: digital linear notes. There’s no word yet on whether or not Taylor Swift’s digital linear notes will include an encrypted message that allows you to assume the consciousness of one of her ex-boyfriends and use your digital computer powers to throw his body into a well, but I assume this feature will be revealed as the story develops.

  • Skrillex continues to find new ways to make people shake their heads and go “What will you think of next Skrillex?” SPIN has the story on the well-coiffed producer’s latest plan to purchase a 11,000-square-foot building in L.A.’s Chinatown and convert it into a studio for “in-the-box producers.” SPIN compares it to Warhol’s Factory, but personally I hope it’s more like an EDM version of the Foot Clan’s hideout from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

  • All good things must end, so it seems that Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol. CNN has the story, which includes this amazing quote: “‘Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to the rest, after 12 years of judging on ‘American Idol,’ I have decided to leave after this season,’ Jackson said in a statement, released through his representative.”

  • When one door closes, another gaping hellhole opens. That’s how that inspirational quote goes, right? The Hollywood Reporter reports that Maroon 5 singer and host of The Voice Adam Levine has “inked a one-year first-look development deal at NBC with his longtime manager-turned-producing partner, Jordan Feldstein.” Levine will be working on developing “both scripted and alternative programming to serve as series and specials for the network.” Hopefully he makes a cop show where he’s a police officer who has to go undercover as the lead singer of a band called Maroon 5. It can be called Code Maroon. Please Adam, steal my idea.

  • In a very Adam Levine like move, Zach Hill of Death Grips fame has revealed (via Pitchfork) that he’s currently writing, directing and soundtracking a feature film. Perhaps NBC is interested?

  • While Adam Levine continues to ride a golden sunbeam of success to the top of the money mountain, things haven’t been so easy for Lauryn Hill. As the AP reports, the singer was sentenced to three months in prison for failing to pay her taxes. This news came only days after Hill had released a new track, “Neurotic Society (Compuslory Mix),” which you should definitely listen to below.

  • There’s a an app that lets you dress Drake. You’re welcome.

  • There’s also video footage of Kanye West walking into a sign. If the idea of watching a video of Kanye walking into a sign intrigues you at all, you owe it to yourself to watch this exciting video clip of Kanye walking into a sign.

  • Alright, that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and maybe watch that DFA documentary that Red Bull put out that was linked everywhere earlier this week. It’s good!