WZRD photo via Kid Cudi's site

  • Kid Cudi is rather miffed with Universal for the low sale of his current project WZRD’s new album. Apparently he called UMG a “weak ass label” for treating WZRD as a side project and not the real deal.

  • Bret McKenzie of Flight Of The Conchords won the Best Original Song Oscar for “Man Or
    Muppet” from The Muppets movie.

  • Ticketmaster debuted its first iPhone app this week, making it much, much easier to drunk-shop for Radiohead tickets.

  • Davy Jones of Monkees fame died this week in Florida at the age of 66.

  • You may have to wait until society literally falls apart before a Smiths reunion. Johnny Marr says he will reform the Smiths “if the current U.K. government steps down.”

  • In Adele Breaks More Records news: 21 is now the longest running No. 1 album since Purple Rain.

  • Spotify is pissed at artists who “window,” meaning only allow paid subscribers to listen to songs while free users can only hear samples of songs.

  • Megaupload creater Kim Dotcom is out on bail until his hearing in August. He’s accused of breaking 500 million dollars’ worth of copyright laws. Yikes.

  • Band pages on Facebook are changing to the Timeline format by the end of March.

  • Target pulled a greeting card that makes fun of Whitney Houston’s preference for “bad boys.” Awkward.

  • Music subscription service MOG is for sale.

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