• Spotify is adding to its collection of apps with McDonald’s (ListenIn app) and Intel (Sifter app) getting in on the game. This marks the first time Spotify has included branded apps for non-music companies.

  • In other app news, new music app TastemakerX went open to the public this week. The “social gaming platform” is a way for users that discover new music to get credit for it once that artist starts making it big. Now if you claim you “liked them before everyone else did,” you can prove it.

  • Apple has announced that Ping will be shut down when the next version of iTunes is updated. The social networking and music recommendation service debuted in September 2010 but never really took off, so Apple execs are cutting their losses and putting more energy into relationships with successful social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Record label Domino announced its plans for a new subscription service that allows two downloads of new and exclusive material per month at a price of $9.99.

  • A rare 7” vinyl of the Sex Pistols single “God Save The Queen” sold for over $20,000 at auction last weekend. The 35-year-old record also has the track “No Feelings” and is apparently “one of only two copies known to exist.”

  • Last.fm seems to be the next in a long line of online companies with password breach issues. Though the breach of 1.5 million passwords is likely to have happened three months ago, it remained undetected until now, even after the music website suspected in May that it may have been targeted.

  • Last week, Lauryn Hill posted an official statement on her Tumblr page about her tax evasion charges, citing her desire to operate outside of “a media-protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda” from her own as her reasoning for not filing three years’ worth of tax returns.

  • Items from the beloved East Village venue CBGB are on their way to Hollywood…well Georgia, actually. Pieces of the bar, the phone booth, a urinal, pieces of wall and founder Hilly Kristal’s desk are on the road to Savannah, GA, where they will be used in the upcoming CBGB movie.