• Yep, the Grammy nominations were announced this week, and as you probably heard (’cause we told you) the list was chock-full of former CMJ Marathon performers and college radio chart-toppers. But not everyone was happy with the results, including Justin Bieber’s manager, who took to Twitter to vent his frustration. Sorry, J-Biebs. Stay strong.

  • On the opposite side of the uber-fame spectrum, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste also took to Twitter to express his feelings about his band’s lack of nominations. Then things took a weird turn when Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon chimed in with his own thoughts on the Grammy’s. Then things got even weirder when every content-starved website reported the tongue-in-cheek exchange as real news. Droste then had to take to Twitter and tell everyone to chill:

  • Actually, it was a good week for fake, media-generated music controversies, which means it was actually a horrible week for everyone! YAY! Fedora-enthusiast and Cold Mountain star Jack White gave an interview to Esquire where he probably talked about fixing old radios or something, but somewhere in there he made the mistake of talking about Lady Gaga and NME was ALL OVER IT. They pulled the quote, “It’s all artifice,” which is really funny coming from the guy responsible for launching his music in helium-filled balloons, but whatever. White soon released a scolding statement, and we all felt bad about it for 30 seconds before we all got distracted by this video:

  • Popular Lou Reed collaborators Metallica have finally buried the hatchet with noted Justin Timberlake impersonator Sean Parker. Billboard has this great picture of them from the Live Stream:


  • Remember when Jay-Z rode the subway? Well, get this: He also talked to an old lady on the subway! Can you believe it? Are you still breathing? Is your head attached to your body? Good. The “adorable old lady” in the story was actually artist Ellen Grossman, and she seems really cool. Way cooler than my grandma! (Sorry grandma.)

  • Jay-Z wasn’t the only millionaire in the news this week. Obscure Hobbit-loving band Led Zeppelin is finally letting more people use its music in films. It’s about time those guys found some ways to make money.

  • It was a big week for rock star movie news. Dave Grohl made a movie, and it will premiere at the Sundance film festival. Sadly, it’s not a quirky, Wes Anderson-inspired character sketch about a drummer who actually dreams of being a dolphin trainer. Instead it’s about a recording studio, which is awesome, but not as awesome as my sick dolphin idea.

  • Pop-culture sensation PSY, the most YouTube-viewed person on the planet of all time forever and ever, was revealed to be maybe not as family friendly or at least not as American-military-friendly, as everyone previously thought. The K-Pop star apparently rapped about “‘slowly and painfully’ killing American military members and their families.” It makes more sense if you understand the context, but that probably won’t matter to the pundits who jump on the story. Shhh…don’t tell Bill O’Reilly. Seriously, don’t tell him. We’re worried about his mental health.

  • And, here’s a charming video of Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and Mariah Carey performing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” See, we don’t (only) have coal in our hearts. Happy holidays!