Madonna, MDNA, Madonna MDNA

  • While MDNA got good reviews, Madonna’s newest album still managed to post the largest sales drop in history. Though the record debuted at No. 1 last week, it fell to No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and had an 86.7 percent sales decrease.
  • Now that Madonna’s album has tanked, Adele’s 21 is back on top of the charts for the 24th nonconsecutive week.
  • Spotify once again proves it’s better than iTunes by launching a free embedding software that can easily be incorporated into any website.
  • London record store Rough Trade is coming to Brooklyn later this year.
  • Sony Corp. announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs, accounting for six percent of the company’s global workforce.
  • Axl Rose was more of a douche than usual (which is pretty douchey) when he wrote a letter to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to have his name withdrawn as a member of Guns N’ Roses to avoid “awkward situations” with ex-bandmates.
  • Megaupload hired a really good lawyer, Andrew Schapiro, to represent the former file-hosting service that was raided by the government in January. Now the government is filing an injunction against Schapiro’s firm representing Megaupload citing “conflicts of interest involving Google, YouTube, Disney, Fox and other movie, TV show and software companies.”
  • Speaking of the U.S. government, the Department Of Justice is suing Apple for conspiring with five other publishers “to raise the prices of e-books by as much as $5, in an effort to prevent Amazon, which prices many of its e-books at 10 bucks, from locking in what publishers believe is an artificially low price.”

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