In other news…

• The Hollywood Reporter made mid-’90s hearts everywhere swell with glee this week when it announced that VH1 is bringing back Pop Up Video this fall. For those of you unfamiliar with this epic show, please refer above to Rick Astley.

• That leak you got of the new Bon Iver album last Tuesday might have come from an unlikely culprit. Rolling Stone suggested on Friday that iTunes leaked the band’s self-titled sophomore album last week when it accidentally made the entire album, as opposed to only the “Calgary” single, available for download on Tuesday. The magazine’s website did not include any screen shots as evidence of a firsthand witnessing, but it did offer a comment stream showing that the kids on Reddit were ready to pounce and profit from Apple’s alleged error.

• Lady Gaga is no stranger to bringing down the house, but last week she managed to bring down another location: Amazon’s online abode. According to the New York Times, the online music retailer offered the mp3 version of the pop star’s new album, Born This Way, for a measly 99 cents on Monday. And apparently Gaga fans love a bargain, as their intense swarming caused the Amazon servers to stall and prevented buyers from downloading the album in full. The failures no doubt put many purchasers on “The Edge,” pulling out their “Hair” and branding Amazon the “Judas” of music distributors for betraying their trust with false promises of cheap tunes.

• Mark Zuckerberg’s music dreams might be about to come true. Forbes has reported that Facebook is partnering with Spotify, a move that will integrate the digital music-streamer’s services into the social networking site. The joint venture will allow Facebook users to stream the millions of songs in the Swedish company’s music library. But don’t get too excited yet: The service will only be available in countries where Spotify is currently available, which includes most of Western Europe but leaves out the little old U.S. of A.

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