Prince in wax at Madame Tussauds - Flickr photo by cliff1066

This week in music news…

• Music industry jobs took some particularly nasty hits, with Universal Music Group laying off 20 staffers at its Motown imprint and Spin magazine letting go of its editor in chief and publisher. What will they do now? Might be a good time to open a banana stand, as unlike the music industry right now, there’s always money in the banana stand.

• Facebook announced its launch of a new music service. It was originally thought that the service would be an exclusive partnership with Sweden’s Spotify, but it now looks like Facebook will be in bed with several other music providers as it serves as a content aggregator. How do you say “WTF” in Swedish?

• Jon Pareles at the New York Times gives us some food for thought about what the emergence of the cloud storage sites will mean for music fans and music makers. Spoiler alert: Like most technologies, the ones addressed by Pareles come with perks and pitfalls.

• A Guardian article has reported that Prince allegedly won’t make any more albums in part because he has a beef with music piracy. Come on, man! Don’t let a few (million) bad pirates “Purple Rain” on your parade.

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