• Heineken had to pull an advert featuring a cover of the Dead Kennedys’ song “Too Drunk To Fuck” because of complaints that it encouraged binge drinking. Now, the Dead Kennedys is denying it even gave Heineken permission to use the song in the first place. Real story here: In what world does being “Too Drunk To Fuck” help you sell beer?

• Dutch independent record label representative Merlin filed suit against LimeWire. Apparently, the company wants a piece of the $105-million-dollar settlement LimeWire reached with the National Music Publishers Association earlier this year. Get in line, Merlin.

The New York Times reported that anti-scalping non-profits are financed by companies like Live Nation, Ticketmaster and StubHub who basically do the same thing ticket scalpers do except, for some reason, it’s legal.

• Pandora teamed up with Verizon to bridge the gap between television and internet radio by allowing FiOS subscribers to stream Pandora straight from their televisions. Be careful, Pandora, video killed the radio star.

• Turntable.fm inked a deal with ASCAP that ensures artists, songwriters and publishers will be compensated for their music. This lends legitimacy to the site, which is good, but it could mean advertisements or paid subscriptions in Turntable’s future, which is not so good.

• Think Spotify will change the world? The music industry wants to rain on your parade: Digital Audio Insider says it takes 48 streams on Spotify to equal the revenue of one 99-cent download. But some revenue with Spotify is better than no revenue with illegal downloads, right guys?

Bug Music, known for inexplicable phenomenon Kings Of Leon, is for sale, and there’s a lot of interest from prospective buyers. The company is seeking between $300 million and $400 million, and more than 30 companies are in the bidding for ownership.

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