The Swedish-based music service Spotify was finally released in the United States yesterday, and it is the internet’s cute, new puppy nobody can stop talking about. After solidifying a deal with Warner Music Group, Spotify launched its “Open” (read: free) version as invite-only through Chevrolet’s Facebook page and through select music outlets. CMJ gave out over 200 free invites, which ran out in less than ten minutes. Others found ways to score an invite through more devious means.

Spotify launched in the US with a catalog of more than 15 million songs. The service became a phenomenon in Europe (and almost legendary in the States) through its easy-to-use desktop and mobile interface along with a clear, easy way to share playlists and songs with friends.

In order to cut in line for a beta invite, you can sign up for one of Spotify’s paid services. Spotify Unlimited costs $4.99/month and offers unlimited ad-free streaming and the ability to share playlists with friends. Spotify Premium costs $9.99/month and offers everything Unlimited does along with mobile apps, great sound quality and offline listening. Not bad seeing as Spotify is actually more expensive in Europe with Premium services running at €9.99 (roughly $16).

    In other news…

  • Rhapsody announced Monday that the streaming music service reached 800,000 subscribers, but that may be eclipsed by Pandora’s announcement that it has reached 100 million users.

  • Clear Channel unveiled plans to revamp its iHeartRadio internet radio project. To celebrate this, Clear Channel announced a music festival in Las Vegas this September featuring literally every famous person ever.

  • Specific Media explains just why it bought social media zombie, Myspace, and how it got Justin Timberlake to endorse it. More on Myspace’s slow, painful death: LinkedIn surpasses Myspace as #2 social network in America.

  • In sadder news, JDub Records—the non-profit Jewish record label that represented Balkan Beat Box and launched the career of Matisyahu—officially closed its doors on Tuesday due to financial problems.

  • is already worth $37.5 million and is investing $7.5 million in developing a mobile app. There are currently 140,000 subscribers and counting. Guess there’s a lot of people out there who want to be a DJ.

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