PIAS and Sony have been working around the clock in response to Tuesday’s fire at a London-based Sony distribution center. The fire, a bi-product of the recent London anti-police riots, destroyed massive amounts of CD, DVD and video game stock. More than 150 independent record labels including XL and Domino held the entirety of their U.K. stock at the Enfield distribution center.

The Beggars firm estimates around 750,000 of Sony CDs were lost in the Enfield fire; however, Sony is already re-making 1.5 million CDs elsewhere in the U.K. and Austria. PIAS lost a whopping 3.2 million units in Tuesday’s fire but estimates it will begin shipping stock again by next week. PIAS COO, Nick Hartley, says the company is “bringing stock in from Europe, and it is our top priority to get releases out.”

The London police have arrested three suspects connected with the Sony fire. Two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old were charged with arson and violent disorder. One of the suspects has been bailed out, while the other remain in custody.

In other news…

  • HTC has invested 300 million dollars in Dr. Dre Beats to create a Beats mobile phone. So now all those irritating rich people you know with awesome Dr. Dre Beats headphones will become more irritating with their awesome Dr. Dre Beats mobile phones.

  • Girl power! The 31-year-old Universal executive Ethiopia Habtemariam is taking the reins at Motown.

  • Metal label Century Media has pulled its catalog from Spotify in an effort to “protect the interests of their artists.”

  • Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” is expected to break huge sales records, marking the “album about exorbitant wealth and the false promise that is the American dream” at least a commercial success.

  • Ghostface Killah is now in two lawsuits. In this latest, Ghostface is suing Universal for claiming 50 percent of Wu-Tang Clan’s royalties. If Wu-Tang splits royalty profits equally, that means Ghostface only collects 6.25 percent of total revenue. I’d be pissed too.

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