Geology (via Facebook)

Each week the CMJ staff sifts through thousands of radio playlists that contribute to our weekly charts. In the Chart Discovery column, we highlight exciting artists, albums and songs brought to our attention by the charts of our reporting panel of college and non-commercial radio stations. This week’s favorites come from WUML in Lowell, MA and KGNU in Boulder, CO.

Geology on WUML

WUML’s No. 19 pick this week is the fourth album from Philadelphia-based Geology. A mostly mellow EP, North is sometimes a little more jaunty, with songs that are woven with chilly, far away guitars and expansive percussion. The mid-point of the EP in particular features a huge, sweeping landscape in the drums that sounds like flying over the moors on a steel grey morning in early winter when everything is brown and crunchy, but achingly beautiful.

The Seven Hats on KGNU

The Seven Hats, self-described “apocalyptic lounge” act, landed on KGNU’s Top Thirty this week. The vocals are otherworldly and haunting set against eerie but warm organs, creating an effect similar to the warmth of a hazy lightbulb in an otherwise dark room or the fuzzy glow of an old movie playing on a projector. The rich sound is enhanced by electronic keys and a vintage quality to the vocals that sounds as though it was recorded for an old black and white film.