Supercute by Chris Becker

Supercute photo by Chris Becker

Welcome to the first day of CMJ Music Marathon 2013! Aside from an array of panels and parties for the picking, over 1,400 bands will play in New York City venues this week. Each day we’re going to make things easier for you by selecting 10 must-see acts that you dare not miss. That means there are going to be at least 50 artists you need to add to your schedule. Pace yourself, they always say. Well, we’re telling you otherwise. Get ready to go hard and start your week off with lots of coffee, becuase we’ve got a killer first day.

See the full CMJ 2013 line-up here and check back in with us over the coming days for more tips on artists to see, panels to attend, parties to be seen at, and much more.

The Bongos @ Living Room

Yeah, that Bongos. These Hoboken, NJ, dudes were rockin’ it in the ’80s, but they recently reunited to play at the closing of longtime rock venue, Maxwell’s.

Ghost Wave @ Le Poisson Rouge

Four dudes from Auckland, NZ performing ’60s pop/’90s garage commitment ceremonies with their guitar-thump tunes.

Grand Resort @ The Flat

You know that groggy but warm feeling you get after you take a nap during a blizzard? That’s what the gauzy gaze of Brooklyn’s Andrés Pichardo sounds like.

Kelela @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg

This L.A. vocal maven has the kind of dynamic croon that’s equally appropriate for late-night intimacy and public body-swaying. We’re hoping you’ll choose the latter option at this show.

Sondre Lerche @ Bowery Ballroom

This Norwegian dreamboat is still at it with his tasteful, romantic pop that’ll knock you off your feet with its guitar virtuosity.

NONONO @ Mercury Lounge

You’re gonna wanna wear your dancing shoes to this show, because these Swedes will have you grabbing strangers and doing the twist with their starry fresh-pressed percussion-pop.

Ovlov @ Cameo

Sweat out all your toxins while absorbing the toxins of this reverb’d sonic assault from Connecticut.

Sharkmuffin @ Legion

Have a helping of scruffy surf jams, courtesy of this all-women trio.

Supercute! @ Grand Victory

What does a group of grunge-tween teens sing about? Candy, hula hoops, haunted houses and NOT boys.

Weaves @ Baby’s All Right

This haunted foursome are so psychedelic, so psyched out, man. We’re psyched for this. You should be psyched too.