March to your own Beater.

It’s now Day Two. And of course, there’s plenty more panels to be had, many more connections to make. There are more than 20 premium panels programmed for today so here’s just a few we’d like to highlight from today’s schedule. For full details on all panels and panelists going on throughout the week, please click here.

Intersection Of Hip-Hop And Jazz

11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
NYU Kimmel Center, Room 405 (60 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012)

Panelists delve into today’s hip-hop and jazz artistic landscape.

Moderator: Raydar Ellis, Berklee School of Music
- Erin Davis, son of Miles Davis, Miles Davis Properties, LLC
- Meghan Stabile, CEO/Founder, Revive Music Group
- Andre Torres, Editor-In-Chief, Wax Poetics
- Vince Wilburn, Jr., nephew of Miles Davis, Miles Davis Properties, LLC

Be Your Own Label

12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
NYU Kimmel Center, Room 406 (60 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012)

Our panelists discuss how to build and manage your own professional team, including booking agent, music supervisor, manager, music lawyer and more.

Moderator: Sujan Hong, Senior Label Relations Manager, eMusic
- Darren Gallop, Founder/CEO, Marcato
- Jesse Israel, Cantora Records
- Fredrik Saroea, Frontman/Songwriter/Producer/Label Owner, DATAROCK/Young Aspiring Professionals
- Eric Sheinkop, CEO/Co-Founder, Music Dealers, LLC

Brands & Music: The Real Deal

2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
NYU Kimmel Center, Rosenthal Pavilion, 10th Floor (60 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012)

Brands are developing and breaking artists, while marketing products and services. A view into who is making these deals and the impact on artists’ careers. Preceded by a talk from MaryLeigh Krasniewicz, VP at Trendera, a trend forecasting and market research company focused on collection and analysis of the cultural and behavioral insights of today’s most sought-after consumer groups. She’ll be speaking about trends that are driving young consumers today, from new behaviors (like Constant Beta) to new technology hubs (like

Moderator: Tyler Barth, VP Business Development and Entertainment Relations, Blue Microphones
- Steve Bender, Founding Partner, GreenLight Media & Marketing
- Al Dejewski, SVP, Global Marketing, MySpace
- Victor Siegel, Founding Partner, MPP(+)
- Aleesha Smalls-Worthington, Sr. Director of Interactive Marketing, Iconix Brand Group (Rocawear, Artful Dodger)

Publishing 101

3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
NYU Kimmel Center, Room 405 (60 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012)

The nuts and bolts roadmap to making money and having longevity in the music industry. An introduction to how publishing enables artists to make money during and after their career through performance revenue, synchronization and licensing.

Moderator: Scott Sellwood, Senior VP & General Counsel, RightsFlow
- Rich Scott DePerto, Manager, Copyright & Licensing Reservoir Media Management, Inc.
- Frank Liwall, President, Royalty Network
- Justin Shukat, GM, Primary Wave Music
- Garry Velletri, Senior VP, Bug Music