Welcome to Hear Ye, dear reader, where each morning of the 2011 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, we’ll run the voodoo down on the Top 10 bands or artists we’re looking forward to hearing that night. “We” are hardly scientific, so click on “they” to take you to that specific group’s CMJ Discover page. There you can hear for yourself. But for right now at least, let us lend you an ear.

While we’re happy to turn you on to these shows, do know that because they rock so incredibly hard, you’ll want to get to the venue early. These places will fill up soon. And let’s face it, waiting in line just sucks.

I. Zomby  

What we say: Grime makes good, but refuses to show its hand.

What he says. Click here to see him at CMJ.

II. Shonen Knife 

What we say: Legendary all-girl, all-Japanese power trio.

What they say. Click here to see her at CMJ.

III. Smif-N-Wessun

What we say: Two Brownville hustlas with seriously mad flow.

What they  say. Click here to see ‘em at CMJ.

IV. Bleached  

What we say: Ex-Mika Miko, ex-Cold Cave starts fuzz with her sister.

What they say. Click here to see ‘em at CMJ.

V. Bearstronaut

What we say: Beantown boys dance, dance, dance to the radio.

What they say. Click here to see ‘em at CMJ.

VI. Shark? 

What we say: New wave surf rock from the Brooklyn shore.

What they say. Click here to see him at CMJ.

VII. Bleeding Knees Club 

What we say: Australian two-piece swaggers, then sneers in pop-punk’s face.

What they say. Click here to see ‘em at CMJ.

VIII. Xxxchange

What we say: Spank Rock DJ fashions ready-mades for the dancefloor. 

What he says. Click here to see him at CMJ.

IX. Peanut Butter Lovesicle  

What we say: Three-piece blues brothers offer inspired family jams.

What they say. Click here to see ‘em at CMJ.

X. Vockah Redu 

What we say: New Orleans bounce redone for the sweaty, sissy set.

What he says. Click here to see him at CMJ.