Day two-of-five is underway for this year’s CMJ Film Festival. On Wednesday’s agenda: premieres, Q&As, shorts and feature films about how to make it big in the music biz, how to kill Bono and how not to get killed by Ministry’s Al Jourgensen. What’s playing today, you ask?


Clearview Chelsea Cinema
Noon – 2:30 p.m.
Walk-Up Tickets Available
World Premiere: Bag Tax
Director: J.W. Crump, USA, 5 min
Bag Tax is a black-and-white silent film about one woman’s journey to avoid paying the new D.C. bag tax. As she slowly collects “free” pennies from various friends and strangers, her resolve to avoid taxation results in increasingly manic behavior – until the startling and hilarious conclusion. Led by award-winning actress Tonya Beckman Ross, the film features a cast and crew comprised entirely of D.C. talent, including an original score by Sam Cooper. This film is the directorial debut of writer/filmmaker J. W. Crump.

Q&A with J.W. Crump following screening.

World Premiere: Holy Moly

Director: Christopher Good, USA, 12 min

After suffering a devastating breakup, Sammy accepts the services of a life-enhancement coach named Tabitha. Tabitha instructs Sammy in the skills every real man should have: shooting a gun, driving a fast car, and being strong and decisive. Sammy attempts to use his new skills to woo back his ex through a series of voicemails, while Tabitha harbors other intentions for her protege.

Q&A with Christopher Good and Megan Mantia following screening.

US Premiere: Down & Across
Directors: Brandon Boudreaux and Erick Dozier, USA, 32 min
Robert Cunningham, a middle-aged mail room clerk and crossword aficionado, overhears a terrorist conspiracy in midtown Manhattan one afternoon. His desire to be a good citizen drives him to obsession, as he follows the suspected terrorist throughout the city. Meanwhile, a police detective attempts to discover who the mysterious person is that keeps calling the NYC safeline leaving vague messages about snipers and plans to shoot people. Did Robert really hear what he thought he did? And if so, can he stop it when no one will believe him?
Q&A with directors following screening.

World Premiere: Election Day
Director: Zach Wechter, USA, 11 min
A political thriller set in the student government of a high school. After being blackmailed the day of the class election, Michael Fabrizio is forced to decide between pursuing his dream of winning the senior class presidency, or saving his pregnant girlfriend’s reputation…unless he can get to the bottom of the corruption and stop it before the bell rings.

Q&A with Kevin Slee and Zach Wechter following screening.

New York Premiere: L.A. Love Story Part 1
Director: Sergio Myers, USA, 24 min
L.A. Love Story Part 1 is a short drama based on true events of people learning to cope with relationships  while chasing the Hollywood dream. The story follows Otis (Ryan Caldwell), a reality television show creator, and an aspiring actress named Cynthia (Jeannine Kaspar). Each find themselves faced with temptations of infidelity and drugs, while trying to maintain their relationship and fulfill their dreams of fame and fortune.
Q&A with Sergio Myers following screening.

New York Premiere: Bruce’s Garden
Director: Ryan O’Leary, USA, 8 min
In the 1970s, Jack Reynolds and his son Bruce, gathered up the local teenagers of Inwood, New York, and turned a lifeless, dirty lot into a beautiful garden.
Q&A with Ryan O’Leary and Alexa DiCambio following screening.

World Premiere: How NOT To Borrow A Car
Director: Annika Kurnick, USA, 11 min
When Derya’s date shows up with a date of his own, she decides to teach him a lesson about dating etiquette he won’t soon forget!
Q&A with Annika Kurnick, Julie Katz, Mathyou Scheiner and Derya Derman following screening.

East Coast Premiere: Run & Return: Matisyahu Short Doc
Director: Michael Thelin, USA, 14 min
This film goes beyond the performances and fluff of most music documentaries. The reason to be a musician and how things come together are all covered. If you’re a fan of real music, you’ll love Run & Return.
Q&A with Michael Thelin, Jason Rogoff and Jose Luis Rios following the screening.

New York Premiere: Pepper
Director: Kim Noonan, USA, 12 min
Nate (Chuck Church) hits a dog with his car and must decide whether or not to tell its lonely owner (Dana Powell) about the accident.
Q&A with Chuck Church following screening.


Clearview Chelsea Cinema
3 p.m.
Walk-Up Tickets Available

Director: Will Gray, USA, 78 min
Following on-the-verge artist Will Gray through the recording and release of his debut album (featuring production by the Grammy-winning T Bone Burnett), Broke* chronicles the stories of artists and executives searching for ways to thrive in today’s music industry. The film digs beneath the clichés to reveal an industry struggling to find a new identity, and an artist who’s simply trying to establish one. With appearances from John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Isaac Slade of The Fray, Seth Godin and Buddy Miller.
Q&A with Will Gray and Dan Beck following screening.


Clearview Chelsea Cinema
7 p.m.
Walk-Up Tickets Available

Director: Nick Hamm, Ireland, 114 min
Based on real events, Killing Bono tells the story of young Irish rocker Neil McCormick and his younger brother Ivan, who attempt to become rock stars, but can only look on as their school friends form U2…and become the biggest band in the world. The film is based on Neil McCormick’s memoir, Killing Bono: I Am Bono’s DoppelgangerCast: Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan, Kysten Ritter, Peter Serafinowicz, Stanley Townsend, Martin McCann and Pete Postlethwaite.

Q&A with director Nick Hamm following screening. Moderated by Kevin Polowy, Executive Editor of MTV’s


Clearview Chelsea Cinema
9 p.m.
Walk-Up Tickets Available

Director: Douglas Freel, USA, 97 min
FIX: The MINISTRY Movie shoves your ass way, way backstage with the scariest band ever. “F@$k The Mainstream” might as well have been written by Al Jourgensen, founder of Ministry. Love him or hate him, Al changed all the rules. Al, and all the guys he played with, paid the price and took no prisoners along the way. But they mattered. No Ministry = No NIN, no Korn, no Jane’s Addiction. Don’t believe it? Hear it directly from Trent Reznor, Jonathan Davis, Dave Navarro and many more.
Q&A with director Doug Freel and Ministry’s Paul Barker following screening.