Freaks in Love: Alice Donut

Love hurts. Love stinks. And love definitely bites. But where would we be without it? One thing’s for sure, we certainly wouldn’t have Alice Donut. Speaking of, be sure to stick around after this one for a freaky Q&A from the band that indie rock loves to hate. (Though let the record show that the CMJ Film Festival has always loved the Donut!)


Soho House Screening Room
7:00 p.m.
CMJ Badge and ShowPass Holders Must Still RSVP!
(Walk-Up Tickets Also Available)

Directors: David Koslowski and Skizz Cyzyk, USA, 98 min
Freaks In Love documents the 25-year career of the seminal psychedelic punk band Alice Donut: from humble beginnings to playing at CBGB, from signing to Alternative Tentacles to performing at Reading Festival and, ultimately, touring with Blind Melon. Throughout their ups and downs, the band has remained friends and created some of the underground’s most compelling music. This is the story of many bands from the late-’80s/ early-’90s, when getting in a van and touring the country was all one could ask for; when free beer and pizza were a luxury. And then it all blew out of proportion with one band—Nirvana. Alice Donut is also performing at CMJ.
Q&A with Skizz Cyzyk, David Koslowski and members of Alice Donut following screening.