Iggy Pop @ CMJ 1992

A long, long time ago in a decade far, far away called the 1980s, when people played with these and everyone dressed like this, CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival launched in New York City. Yes, 1981 was a good year, a year that probably predates many of you out there. But whether you were in the lower Manhattan trenches that inaugural year or just experienced the five days of musical madness that is CMJ for the first time in 2010, we want to hear your stories.

Did you see a band at CMJ that later blew up? Were you in a band that played so many showcases that you required post-CMJ therapy? Did you lock eyes across a hazy venue (you know, way back when smoking was still allowed indoors) with the person who would become your better half? Tweet us you favorite memories @CMJNetwork or comment via Facebook (here or here—take your pick), and we’ll publish some of the best tales on our site, providing entertainment for some and education for the newbies. Our favorite story will win a badge to CMJ 2011.

CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival 2011 takes place October 18-22 in New York City.