Sophie Madeleine

Brighton, UK, @LoveLifeUke

How many times have you played CMJ?
I’ve never been. I’m a true CMJ virgin.

How far will you travel to get here?
Just over 3000 miles across an ocean.

What’s your favorite NYC venue/snack joint/bar?
I love the Living Room on Ludlow, it may not be the most impressive place in NYC, but it feels like home to me. Nice little venue.

Which other artists are you looking forward to seeing?
I’d love to see Gotye. And Gotye. Oh, and Gotye! His album is ridiculous. Truly a very talented man.

If you could be any type of sandwich what would you be and why?
I’d be a bacon butty (with ketchup)—traditionally English, comforting, appropriate for any time of the day. Oh, and very tasty!

Sophie Madeleine plays Bowery Poetry Club at 10 p.m. tonight as part of the Xtra Mile showcase and Rockwood Music Hall on Thursday, October 20 as part of the Pledge Music/AudioPerv showcase.