Salt To Bitters

Chapel Hill, NC

How many times have you played CMJ?
I’ve always wanted to go. ALWAYS. I have a friend who goes to CMJ most years, and I’ve always been jealous.

How far will you travel to get here?
Only From NC, I think it’s about a 12 hour drive. (I wont be doing the driving though!!! Hee hee… Our banjo player will…)

What’s your favorite NYC venue/snack joint/bar?
I’ve only been to NYC once before. I think we played in Brooklyn (I was really drunk). I’m so excited to get to hit the food joints and check out a few bars. Someone once told me there was a Clockwork Orange-themed bar. Is that still in existence? I wish I was more NYC savvy. I’ve been missing out for way too many years. But in my defense, I grew up in Florida, which is much further away!

Which other artists are you looking forward to seeing?
Really excited about J Mascis. Want to see Boy And Bear and Robbers On High Street as well. I’m also really hoping for a Saddle Creek or a Merge Records showcase… Haven’t heard anything yet… Of course being able to open for Kelley Deal is going to be a giant honor. I’ve had the pleasure of opening for a few artists that I’ve always looked up to. it’s always amazing!

If you could be any type of sandwich what would you be and why?
OMG! What a great question! One of my biggest excitements about getting to be in NYC again is getting to go into a NY Deli! All I can think about is pastrami. Real pastrami. I’d be a pastrami on rye. You can’t get a real pastrami sandwich in NC. Our state laws don’t allow real pastrami. Something about the way it’s cooked… I’ve only had it once and it’s AMAZING.

Salt To Bitters plays Bowery Poetry Club on Thursday, October 20 as part of the No More Fake Labels showcase.