Deathrow Tull

Brooklyn, New York

How many times have you been to CMJ Music Marathon?
Stephen Rawking: Like 5 times (2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010). I saw Sage Francis perform solo my first year in a tiny basement which is ridiculous considering how huge he is now, and La Strada at a tiny joint last year and I’m still tingling.

How far will you travel to get here?
Endo Kalrissian: Not too far, I came via the F train. Most of us live off the JMZ, which we like to kick out from time to time. Temple Grinding and the Keymaster come via New Jersey, so they have to travel much further than us.
Stephen: …and The Buffalo (our drummer) doesn’t travel. Good things come to him. Always.

What’s your favorite NYC venue/snack joint/bar?
Stephen: Decibel Sake Bar.
Endo: Duff’s and The Lovin Cup (both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

Which other artists are you looking forward to seeing?
Stephen: I am always pleasantly surprised by the artists I haven’t heard of who outperform the big names.

If you could be any type of sandwich what would you be and why?
Stephen: Choco-Taco for obvious reasons.
Endo: That’s not a sandwich.
Stephen: That depends on how sophisticated you are.

Deathrow Tull will perform at CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival on Tuesday, October 18 at Arlene’s Grocery.