Denver, Colorado

How many times have you been to CMJ Music Marathon?
Never, we’re so excited to be here this year! We spent a month in NYC last March doing a residency at the Living Room, and just played the Mercury Lounge, so it’ll be nice to be in some new venues!

How far will you travel to get here?
We’ll be driving from Denver and touring all the way to NYC and then taking the southern route back, through the South East and then back home. It’ll be about a 4 week stint.

What’s your favorite NYC venue/snack joint/bar?
The Living Room has always been very good to us! We love the Mercury Lounge and just had a huge show there. Local 138 is the bar where we met our management team, so that’s a special place for us. We also really love the taco place around the corner from the Living Room.

Which other artists are you looking forward to seeing?
Hey Marseilles, See Of Bees, Talib Kweli and some of the smaller, on the verge acts!

If you could be any type of sandwich what would you be and why?
Turkey with Bacon. Whoever invented that combo is brilliant.

The Lumineers will perform at CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival on Wednesday, October 19 at Mercury Lounge.